What folks are saying about Bagel Girl!

“We are obsessed with your bagels! My husband is French, and had never tried a ‘real’ bagel before. He was blown away, and now he insists we have some in the freezer at all times ‘just in case’. Merci Allison!”

Katie J

- Boston

“Just tried your bagels last weekend and it was like traveling back home for a moment. Thank you for finally bringing REAL bagels to Bordeaux!”


Nicole S

- Rochester, New York

“We had the cinnamon raisin bagels for breakfast. Verdict: They are SO GOOD. Firm and nicely browned crust, chewy interior, and just the right amount of cinnamon and raisins.”

Guillaume G

- Bordeaux

“We tried your bagels this week and they are exceptional! Bravo! We are spreading the good word, and will be back soon.”

Lynne B

- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Ils sont super bons!!! Bravo!! On a fait des sandwichs à la maison pour dîner – mon préféré est celui au Sésame et ma femme qui est plutôt sucré adore le Cannelle-Raisin!”


Chris S

- Bordeaux

“I used the jalapeño-cheddar bagels to make sandwiches tonight. They are my new savory favorite – even my 6 year old loved them (c’est trop bon maman!). They are enormous and delicious! I will definitely be ordering the jalapeño-cheddar / cinnamon raisin combo again!”

Tricia V

- Texas, Arizona, New York, San Francisco, LA, Hawaii...basically everywhere!

Vivre Bordeaux, April 28th, 2021

Bagel Girl: authentic New York style bagels here in Bordeaux!

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Actu France, March 10th, 2021

Bordeaux : Allison Duval wants to “bring the real taste of bagels to France”

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