We are bagel-obsessed, simple as that!

Bagel Girl was created by Allison Duval, a bagel-obsessed Franco-American. She grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and was lucky to spend her summers in Normandy. After college and starting her career in the US, she lived in London for five years where she worked in Marketing Communications and PR. She is thrilled to have now made Bordeaux her “home sweet home”.

Allison has always had a serious love affair with New York style bagels, much like la baguette has its key role at the table.  Frustrated at not finding real bagels, Allison bought them by the dozen while visiting friends and family in the US each year—and froze them upon her return to Europe. When she was in the States in October 2020, she ate bagels almost every day and brought back even more.

Once her frozen bagel stash ran out and withdrawal started to kick in, Allison had her mind set on making them herself. She conducted extensive research to find the best local ingredients and methods to create the perfect bagel—chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Countless recipe tests later, a whole lot of determination (and eating!), she succeeded in making a delicious, real bagel that she is mighty proud of.

Allison is now thrilled to share her love for bagels with the Bordeaux community.  Fellow expats, as well as native Bordelais, are enjoying and re-ordering Bagel Girl bagels, the ultimate compliment!  Knowing that our bagel-loving tribe is spreading the word and sharing our bagels with their appreciative friends and family is what Bagel Girl is all about.